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Get professional proofreading, copy editing, or developmental editing by expert editors with native English language skills.

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Finding a good freelance editor is hard.

You put a ton of work into crafting your content, and you want a good editor or a good proofreader who can make sure that your work is flawless before it goes out.

But finding a professional who can deliver the high quality proofreading and editing that your content deserves can be challenging. And if that editor is truly worth his or her salt, then they are likely being booked by many other content producers, which sometimes leaves you without your editor just when you need them most.

More likely, you end up with an editor who’s just “okay.” Not terrible, but not great either. The problem is, you want someone great. More importantly, you deserve someone great. You spent hours researching, writing, and rewriting your content. You need an editor who will put as much, if not more, passion into perfecting your content as you did.

So you ask people for references. You search the web and you check forums and discussion groups to see what editors other people use. Those freelance job sites seem popular, so you post an ad for a freelance editor. You get excited when you see how many responses you get, but as you look through them your excitement fades. Half of the applicants don’t meet your requirements. (Did they even read the ad??) A few seem to lack basic understanding of written English. Most of the rest are simply “okay.” Not terrible, but not great either. So you are right back where you started.

What if you could have a great editor or a great proofreader? What if you could have an editor or proofreader who is always available? What if you never had to sift through dozens of crappy freelancer applications again? What if you never had to search for an editor or proofreader again?

What if you could have easy access to an amazing editor and an amazing proofreader every single day?

Say goodbye to flaky editors, unqualified proofreaders, and frustrating freelancer sites and say hello to PureEdit -- high-quality, professional editing and proofreading for content producers.

Get proofreading, copy editing, and developmental editing all in one place.

Choose whether you want: 1) proofreading to catch spelling errors and typos; 2) copy editing for grammar, syntax, and tone; or 3) developmental editing for in-depth commentary on and rewrites of the structure, form, and intentions of the writing. Opt for any of the three, at no extra cost.

Professional quality proofreading and editing by expert editors.

Take advantage of our in-depth document review process where we parse your document three times to ensure the most thorough and high quality proofread and edit before sending you the final package consisting of a marked copy, a clean copy, and detailed editor's notes.

How it works:

Simply login to your PureEdit account, enter details for your proofreading or editing job, upload your file, and submit your request. In as little as one business day you can download your fully edited document directly from your PureEdit account dashboard.

Meet our chief editor

Jay C.

For the past 15 years, I have been helping people better communicate their offerings through texts and images. My past experience includes working as a senior editor at three different academic journals where I oversaw content editing, production, and general design, while also earning two masters degrees and a Ph.D. At PureEdit, my areas of specialization include academic proofreading and editing for the humanities, social science, and creative disciplines, as well as proofreading and editing content for small businesses.

Ready for professional proofreading and editing?

Blog posts, articles, grant applications, white papers, book manuscripts, dissertations, reports, FAQs, technical documentation, web copy, manuals, ebooks, emails, letters, pitches, and proposals.

We edit it all.

Whether you are writing for your clients, customers, peers, professors, students, or superiors, put your best foot forward with reliable and professional proofreading and editing.

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Here's what our clients say →

Sonya P.
Author, Entrepreneur, and Sales Specialist
Jay did an exemplary job editing the introduction of my manuscript. She is an extremely intelligent and talented writer; I'm fortunate to have found her. She also did a superior job in editing and redrafting segments of my pitch letter to industry CEOs to ensure that it was professionally written. She goes beyond your expectations to ensure quality. If you want someone who is top notch, she's the person to hire; you won't be disappointed. I will be using her again and again.
Sam H.
Independent Publisher
The summary notes for my developmental editing request were very thorough and useful. Great job!
James M.
Academic Editor
This is the high level of editing I have been looking for. Having looked at over a dozen sample edits, it is refreshing to see some good editing, believe me!
Ahmed M.
What you've done reads great! Great work. Very professional. Thank you!
Paul A.
Ph.D. Student in Psychology
Excellent proofreader. Very responsive and great quality work. I'll hire her again for sure.

Simple pricing. No hidden fees.

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$39 / mo.

  • Premium document review.
  • Up to 2,000 words edited every month.
  • Maximum one-business-day turn around.
  • Proofreading, copy editing, and developmental editing.
  • Great for short form writing.
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$199 / mo.

  • Premium document review.
  • Up to 10,000 words edited every month.
  • Maximum two-business-day turn around.
  • Proofreading, copy editing, and developmental editing.
  • Ideal for short, medium, and long form writing.
  • Get PureEdit Pro

A la carte

$.025 / word

  • Premium document review.
  • 250+ words edited any time.
  • Minimum two-business-day turn around.
  • Proofreading, copy editing, and developmental editing.
  • Great for short, medium, or long form writing.
  • Get PureEdit a la Carte

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Or try out PureEdit for yourself with a free 250-word sample edit. Simply sign up for a PureEdit account (no credit card required) and receive a free 250-word edit.

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